Prof. Dr. Johnson James

Implant Surgeon, Professor, and International Certified Mentor with 15 Years of experience in Advanced Implantology (Zygomatic), Piezosurgery, and Peri-Implant Regeneration.
Dr. Johnson

Prof. Dr. Johnson James is a practicing, board-certified implant surgeon, an active Fellow – International Congress of Oral Implantologists (FICOI), Key Opinion Leader at Noris Medical, and Managing Director of a leading chain of Dental Hospitals in South India. He is also a consultant and key speaker in the field of advanced dentistry, Vice President and Professor at Ragas Dental College and Hospital, and Senate Member at the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai.

With a post-graduate degree in Periodontology from Ragas Dental College & Hospital, India, Dr. Johnson concentrated his specialization in Periodontology and Advanced Implantology. Since 2006, he has spent 18 prominent years in clinical research and development on Peri-Implant Regeneration with Autologous Growth Factors with Bone Substitutes, particularly in Full Mouth Rehabilitations.

He has had the good fortune to work with distinguished surgeons in India and abroad, which enabled him to learn a great deal about implantology. His unnerving pursuit for learning helped him accomplish pioneering results in Zygomatic Implant Surgeries, one of the advanced implant treatments for patients with a highly atrophic maxilla. Dr. Johnson’s interest and continuous research and development in the field of Zygomatic Implantology led him to develop Guided Protocols for zygomatic implants, a specialization that comprises less than 2% of implant surgeons worldwide.

He has traveled to a number of hospitals all around the world to assist and perform at operations involving Zygomatic & Pterygoid implants with the TILTED implants concept. His relentless determination to use his skills and clinical knowledge resulted in the establishment of ImplanTree, a fully-operational, advanced dental hospital in Chennai in 2017. Along with it, he co-founded IFAD – ImplanTree Foundation of Advanced Dentistry in Chennai, India, a comprehensive training facility powered by live-surgery workshops. IFAD has successfully trained over 600 dental surgeons as of 2023 .Today ImplanTree has grown into a leading dental brand, with seven branches, providing the best implant and full-mouth rehabilitation solutions .